Mythic Games 1k cEDH Tournament

Jan 6, 2024
Mythic Games, West Bowles Avenue, Littleton, CO, USA

Event Details

Mythic Games's 1st cEDH 1k Tournament! UPDATED


  • $50 per person

**Prizes: **

  • $1000 in CASH for top 4 ($250 per person)
  • 1x Commander Masters Collector Box for 1st place
  • 2x Raffle prizes per round of swiss (ranges from random boosters, play mats, deck boxes, misc singles and more!)

Deck Lists:

  • All participants must submit a deck list to our event on TopDeck.gg (https://topdeck.gg/event/ipjM7sUGjELXYfDqAMgC)
  • Decks must be submitted as a link from Moxfield, Arkidekt or MTGGoldfish
  • All alters must be approved by the store before play begins


  • All cards that are valued at $100 or more based on the TCGPlayer’s Median price for the lowest valued version of a card can be proxied (this link will take you to a list of a majority of the proxies allowed however if there is a card you're looking to play that you do not see on this list follow the $100 price point https://www.moxfield.com/decks/_JGStXTs5UmGKA1r5Mep9Q)
  • Proxies must be one piece of cardboard, either specially printed but same thickness as a normal magic card or at a minimum a written out mdfc/flip card
  • Must be identifiable as a proxy and NOT a counterfeit (counterfeits are not allowed at the store by any means)


  • Sign ups will always be through TopDeck.gg on our event page and will need to pay over the phone or when signing up in store (Phone number: (303) 936-3660)
  • Decklists must be submitted via TopDeck.gg (https://topdeck.gg/event/ipjM7sUGjELXYfDqAMgC)
  • No Decklist, No Play, No Refund
  • 64 player cap, if the cap is reached prizes will be raised to $2000, $1000 cash for top 4 and another $1000 cash paid out the the remaining 5th-16th ($85 cash per person)

Game Play:

  • Competitive REL
  • 5 points for wins and 1 point for draws
  • Eminence Rules Set
  • Head judge on site
  • Random deck checks
  • 4-5 rounds of swiss based on attendance
  • Cut to top 16 then top 4

UPDATE: We will not be running the bounties concept for this event anymore due to player feed back!


Player Meeting: 11 am, Start Time: 11:30 am, Lunch Round after R1: 1 hour


Mythic Games 1k cEDH Tournament