cedh - 2.25.24

Feb 25, 2024
19801 Vanowen Street Unit D, Winnetka, CA, USA

Event Details

Our hope with these new monthly CEDH events is to host them on a cadence of ~4 weeks or so. Obviously, we're not able to do that in February since that would land on Super Bowl Sunday, and our schedule is somewhat inflexible due to other events we have already planned.

But fear not! This just means the March monthly should arrive ~2 weeks sooner ;D

AND ONE MAJOR UPDATE: You will need to sign up for this event on Command Tower. It should be up in the beginning of February, in which case it will also end up here!


Fire & Dice 19801 Vanowen Street, Unit D Winnetka, CA 91306

Date: 2/25/24 (February 25th, 2024)



  • 1st place will receive a Lion's Eye Diamond!


cedh - 2.25.24