cEDH @ Red Seal Gaming

Feb 24, 2024
419 NJ-34, Matawan, NJ 07747, USA

Event Details

Event Information

Welcome to the first cEDH event held here at Red Seal Gaming, the tournament will be held on Saturday, February 24th at 10:00am! Doors will open early at 9:00am. Entry is $40 with a maximum of 60 players. The event will consist of 80-minute rounds with a cut to top 16.


Registration: Please register BOTH on this site (Top Deck profile required) and the through the discord which is linked here on this page: https://discord.gg/FJe9bSCU

Registration Channel once you are invited to the discord https://discord.com/channels/605082599769243651/1153784875837571196/1199109720779264162

Proxy Rules: 20 card proxy limit. No paper in front of cards. MDFC cards will require full text, mana cost, card type(s) and name. Proxy cards that are not MDFC must to be full color or utilize recognizable art.

Online Decklist submission required prior to event start and must note what cards are proxies.

Round Rules: The Event is a modified MTR and IPG Following Eminence Gaming Rules and Regulations https://topdeck.gg/mtr-ipg-addendum

This tournament will utilize Command Tower for the pairing software and determining turn order.


16 players min: 3 rounds Cut to top 4 1st place $190 store credit 2nd - 4th place $90 store credit

32 players min: 4 rounds Cut to top 16 1st place $400 store credit 2nd - 4th place $200 store credit

48 players & up: 5 rounds Cut to top 16 1st place $400 store credit 2nd - 4th place $200 store credit 5th - 16th place $45 store credit

Anything else (health, etc.)

Venue does have parking available on-site, for no additional cost. Space is limited for the event max is 60 overall. If you have mobility issues and require fixed seating for the event, please let the organizer know in advance so we can try our best to accommodate you.


10 am


cEDH @ Red Seal Gaming