Harlequins April cEDH

Apr 28, 2024
Harlequins, Manchester Road, Preston, UK

Event Details

General Event Info Registration from 10am, first round expected to start at 11am. Lunch break will be after round one for 30 minutes. The venue has a cafe on site, a meal is included with your entry fee for this event. Parking is available on-site and the surrounding side streets, the local bus station is a five minute walk away and the local train station is around 15 - 20 minutes walk. Please inform Harlequin Games or Adam Midgley via Facebook if there are any delays getting to this event.

Rules This event will be allowing full proxy use, with the only stipulation being they must use official WotC art, not be offensive and must be distinguishable from real cards.

Payment Payment for the event can be made via PayPal at pay.harlequinspreston@gmail.com (F&F) or payment can be made on the day with the store.


Harlequins April cEDH