Tundra CEDH Tourney

104 West Alabama Avenue, Albertville, AL, USA
[email protected]

Event Details

Tundra CEDH Tournament. Trea Hathcock will host a CEDH tournament at Sand Mountain Gaming in Albertville on September 30th. Registration and tourney management will happen through Command Tower and the registration link is https://topdeck.gg/event/XqBJrp1OMayQ1OJBh4T3.

  • Entry fee is $30 and the cap on the tourney is 60 participants.
  • The tournament will have five rounds with byes.
  • The tournament will consist of three Swiss 75 minute rounds with turns followed by a cut to top 16 and two untimed single elimination rounds.
  • First place is awarded to the winner of the final pod, with second through fourth awarded based on tournament standing entering into the final round.
  • Final pod of four will consist of the four winners from the cut to top 16.
  • First place will receive a Tundra. Second through Fourth will split a box of second place's choosing.
  • Tournament standings for rankings are true standings based on multiple variables beyond OPW.
  • Proxies accepted per the judge.
  • Sportsmanship and inclusivity are highly valued and expectations of participants include the following: not dropping out of matches in progress, no kingmaking or gatekeeping, and no poor sportsmanship.

Doors open at 11am, Tournament play starts at noon, and decklists must be submitted online during registration.

Tundra CEDH Tourney

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