Lotus Series I – powered by ka0s

Nov 25, 2023

Event Details


  • 10AM EST, November 25th, 2023
  • Entry: $40
  • Format: Webcam cEDH over Spelltable
  • Five 90 minute swiss rounds; cut to untimed Top 16, followed by untimed Top 4
  • https://discord.gg/9wWDQ9QWsf


Prizing scales with signups!

  • $2048 @128 players (40% of Entry Pool)
  • $5 from each entry to a partnered in-person feeder event (e.g 20 entry fees to that event would add $100 to the prize)
  • Entry to LotusCon 2024 ($99 value)
  • Champion Interview on Youtube
  • Reigning G.O.A.T role on our discord and place on our Hall of Fame
  • 250 TopDeck Championship Series points
2nd - 4th:
  • $768 @128 players (15% of Entry Pool)
  • 120 TopDeck Championship Series points
5th - 8th:
  • $205 @128 players, (4% of Entry Pool)
Top 16:
  • Complimentary entry to Season 8 of the ka0s League, a discord webcam league with monthly prizing!
  • Top 16 discord role
  • 70 TopDeck Championship Series points


  • Powered by ka0s Tournaments in concert with Mythic Lotus.
  • First in a series of eleven webcam cEDH tournaments leading up to LotusCon 2024, a $20K in-person tournament in October.
  • Emerald partner of the TopDeck Championship Series. Come earn your Series points here throughout the year to elevate your leaderboard ranking and earn your place in the most competitive tournament of 2024!


  • 100% Proxy friendly! Proxies must feature authentic color art that can be found on scryfall.com.
  • Subtle alters are allowed but MUST BE APPROVED BY OUR HEAD JUDGE. Upload them to #alter_approvals in discord for approval.


  • For full rules and info, join the event Discord and check out the #readme channel!
  • By entering this tournament, you agree to being recorded and/or streamed by players, Mythic Lotus Gaming, or ka0s Tournaments.


Lotus Tournaments Discord

ka0s Tournaments and League Discord

Mythic Lotus Twitter

ka0s Tournaments Twitter

Lotus Tournaments Site

Mythic Lotus Store Site

ka0s Tournaments Site


Player Meeting and Roll Call: 10:00AM EDT

Round 1: 10:30AM

Round 2: Roughly 12:20PM

Round 3: Roughly 2:10PM.

Round 4: Roughly 4:15PM.

Round 5: Roughly 6:05PM.

Semifinals: Roughly 7:55PM.

Finals: Roughly 10:00PM


Lotus Series I – powered by ka0s

Entry Fee – $40