Apr 13, 2024
214 East High Street, Pottstown, PA, USA

Event Details

On The Draw welcomes all competitive EDH players to compete for your chance to win a Dual Land! Take this great opportunity to develop your deck and hone your skills! This is a great opportunity for you to prove your mettle and win a Dual Land! Assemble your most powerful, competitive EDH deck and get ready to battle! Do you have what it takes to WIN? Registration: 10am *Preregistration is available through Facebook Messenger, email @ otdofficialevents@gmail.com, or see us in-store! Play Starts: 11pm *We are allowing 15 free playtest cards, and you may pay $1.00 for each additional playtest card. Playtest cards must be in legible condition and noted on decklist. Decklists are required for participation. Please email them to: otdofficialevents@gmail.com prior to the event. Entry: $35 We are providing food & door prizes! Give-a-ways throughout the day! ADDITIONAL PRIZING SCALES WITH ATTENDANCE