Journey to the Throne II - cEDH 2k

Mar 24, 2024
8003 North Academy Boulevard, Colorado Springs, CO, USA

Event Details

Join us on Sunday, March 24th for an Iron Lion cEDH 2k Tournament!

Journey to the Throne II will be 100% proxy friendly!

Event Information

We have 64 spots available! Doors to the store will open to all players at 9 AM, we'll have a player meeting at 9:45 AM and play starts at 10 AM. We will be following standard Magic Commander Rules; meaning we will be doing random deck checks for marked sleeves/singles and banned cards. The event will be 100% proxy friendly! Proxies must be one piece of cardboard, please no pieces of paper on top of a card.

$40 Entry fee with a 64-person limit! After you register we will send you an invoice to your registered email with a link to pay for your entry. Please pay for your entry in a timely manner, players who wait too long to purchase their ticket will be dropped. Tickets will only be refundable until 48 hours prior to the event.

The tournament will be swiss rounds run through the Command Tower software. Rounds will be limited to 80 minutes, if no winner has been decided by that point, the current player will finish their turn and if there is still no winner, then it will be considered a draw. The tournament will be 5 rounds of swiss and then a cut to the top 16. Semifinals/finals will have no time limit and be single elimination rounds. In the event of a tie, placement will be decided by opponent win percentage. Winners will receive 5 points and everyone at the table will receive 1 point if there is a draw. There will be a 30 minute lunch break after the second round.

Please contact Ethan (ebradford@ironlioncollectibles.com) with any questions you may have! If you would like a full list of our Code of Conduct, Sales Policy & House Rules, please follow the link below!

The Iron Lion Code of Conduct, Sales Policy & House Rules


This event will have up to $2,050 in cash prizes! Prizing is based on attendance, the maximum prizing is as follows:
1st: $500
2nd-4th: $250
5th-8th: $100
8th-16th: $50


1.) We will not condone any disrespectfulness, bullying, harassment, or any similar behaviors. We will simply offer 2 warnings and by the 3rd we will ask you to leave.

2.) The Official Commander Banned List will be enforced and we will be using the Eminence Competitive REL MTR/IPG Addendum for Commander Events.

3.) In accordance with the Official Rules, genuine cards of any language are permitted to be used and played.

4.) Proxies must be one piece of cardboard the same thickness as a magic card. Paper proxies on top of a magic card will not be allowed.


Journey to the Throne II - cEDH 2k