cEDH European Championship Leaderboard 2024

Lisboa, Portugal
[email protected]

Circuit Details

Circuit Information

In Partnership with Ka0s Tournaments, a series of Invitational Events will be held Online, in total 9 Events where players can compete from February-October. ‍ By playing in those Events you will earn points, and fight for your slot in the Online Leaderboard, plus additional prize support At the end of the Season the Top 10 players will be awarded a Invitational Ticket for Lisbon. This will be another way for players to fight for a slot in the finals, while testing decks and the meta in the comfort of your home.

There will be a strict set of rules in order to be able to participate, and any kind of cheating wont be tolerated and will lead to BAN/DQ from the championship and all associated events.


  • If possible always record your games
  • If something seems shady, call a judge
  • Always make sure players shuffle properly and use the Brazilian cut (3 Piles)
  • Cards should be visible on screen at ALL TIME.

Structure & Rules - Only the 3 Best Results count

1st: 40 points 2nd-4th: 30 points 5th-16th: 20 points 17th-32nd: 10 points 33rd-64th: 5 points


Top10 will be invited to Lisbon in November