Another Tale of Mythics and Legends

Mar 30, 2024
8966 West Bowles Avenue, Littleton, CO, USA

Event Details

Mythic Games Next 1.5k March 2nd


  • Must have an account with Eminence Games
  • Sign ups will always be through TopDeck.gg on our event page and those interested must pay when signing up by calling (303) 936-3660 and paying over the phone or by paying in person
  • After 24 hours of being signed up and unpaid we'll send an email to remind you. 24 hours after that you'll be removed from the event. So please pay when you sign up!
  • Decklists must be submitted via link to the event page
  • No Decklist, No Play, No Refund
  • 64 player cap

Event Info:

  • Player meeting 10:30 am, start time 11 am
  • $40 Entry
  • Format: In-Person cEDH
  • Competitive REL
  • 5 points for wins and 1 point for draws
  • Eminence Rules Set
  • Head judge on site
  • 4-5 rounds of swiss based on attendance
  • Cut to top 16 then top 4
  • 30 min lunch round after round 2


  • $450 in CASH for 1st
  • $450 in CASH for 2nd-4th ($150 per person)
  • $600 in CASH for 5-16 ($50 per person)

Deck Lists:

  • All participants must submit a deck list to our event on TopDeck.gg
  • Decks must be submitted as a link from Moxfield
  • All alters must be approved by the store before the event begins


  • All cards that are valued at $50 or more based on the TCGPlayer’s Median price for the lowest valued version of a card can be proxied (this link will take you to a list of a majority of the proxies allowed however if there is a card you're looking to play that you do not see on this list follow the $50 price point https://www.moxfield.com/decks/_JGStXTs5UmGKA1r5Mep9Q)
  • Proxies must be one piece of cardboard, either specially printed but same thickness as a normal magic card or at a minimum a written out mdfc/flip card
  • Must be identifiable as a proxy and NOT a counterfeit (counterfeits are not allowed at the store by any means)


Player Meeting 10:30 am | Start Time 11 am | 30 Min Lunch Round After R2


Another Tale of Mythics and Legends