CEDH Tournament at Galactic in Statesboro

Galactic Comics & Games, East Vine Street, Statesboro, GA, USA
[email protected]

Event Details

**Note from Tournament Organizer: **

Hi there everyone! My name is Byron and I am the organizer of this CEDH Series at Galactic in Statesboro. I am a competitive person and it felt natural for me to get into the competitive space for Commander. I've only been playing Magic for a little more than a year-and-a-half, but I have loved every second of it. If you're like me, you love the commander format, are a competitive player, and want more Cedh in your life. Hence the reason I am hosting these tournaments!

I plan to host one tournament a month till the end of the year. My IRL work life can get very busy though, so bear with me as the schedule of the tournaments may be flexible.. I look forward to serving the MTG community and providing a great local environment for CEDH tournaments.

Feel free to reach out to me at [email protected] if you have any questions

Good luck and may your mulligans be in your favor!

Tournament Details:

  • Event Date: October 22nd, Start time – 12:00pm | Deck Checks begins at 11:30am sharp!
  • When you register please include your deck list (Moxfield is the best for this imo)
  • You must Pre-register online for $3.
  • The $3 Pre-registration fee is non-refundable
  • The $3 goes towards the maintenance of the tournament software, catering for events, the eventual fee for a judge/s, and miscellaneous costs.
  • This is in addition to the $25 registration fee that is paid to the store.

Please reach out if you have any questions.

The day of event:

  • Deck checks will start at 11:30am sharp.
  • $25 Buy-in
  • 75-minute rounds
  • Turn Rules after 75 minutes (based on how many players left in the POD)
  • The game is a DRAW for the table after 75 minutes and Turn Rules with no victor
  • 100% Proxy Friendly
  • Win your POD - 3 Points
  • Draw – 1 Point (Given to everyone in the POD, even those who are dead) Loss – 0
  • 3 Person PODS will be allowed
  • Final POD order and seating will be determined by tournament placing

Tie Breakers:

  • Points
  • Win Percentage (Wins/Games played)
  • Opponent match win percentage
  • Dice Roll Off - Best of 3

Rounds Structure: No-Repeat-Swiss-Format – Hosted on Eminence – Command Tower 0-16 Players – 3 rounds – Top 4 play a 4th and final round 17-32 players – 3 rounds – Top 4 play a 4th and final round 33-64 Players – 4 rounds – Top 4 play a 5th and final round Judging:

All questions about table state, card mechanics, stack, etc, should be directed to Judge/s on hand Judges/tournament organizers word is final regarding decisions Prize Structure: (Note a portion of each buy-in will go towards the final prizes)

Prize Structure: Pre-Registering before the day of event will give you an additional entry into the raffles

  • All Participants receive 1 Promo Pack
  • Two Randomly selected participants will win an additional Promo pack.
  • One Randomly selected participant will win a random booster pack from the latest set
  • FINAL POD Prizes: All Final POD Participants will receive an additional Promo Pack

Additionally, all Final POD participants can decide to receive in-store credit instead of one of the cards in the pool.

Prize pool determines the total Value Each Final Pod participant receives. As an example, If we have 8 total participants the prizes would be as follows:

  • First Place: $125
  • Second Place: $50
  • Third Place: $25
  • Fourth Place: Free entry into the next CEDH Gauntlet tournament

Cards in the Pool of Prizes for the winners to select as apart of their bounty Note: The values of the cards have been rounded up or down to their nearest whole dollar amounts per the store.

  • Chrome Mox - $80
  • Borderless Orcish Bowmasters - $45
  • Cavern of Souls- $75
  • Chalice of the void- $50
  • Ranger-captain of Eos- $25
  • Scalding Tarn- $35
  • Misty Rainforest- $75
  • Ragavan- $40
  • Sword of the Animist- $30
  • Balin's Tomb(Ancient Tomb)- $60
  • Prismatic Vista- $50
  • Deflecting Swat- $40

Note: If we get 16+ participants, more cards and prizes will be added to the pool.

CEDH Tournament at Galactic in Statesboro

Entry Fee – $3

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