Reborn Rumble, Win a Tropical Island, a Tiny Leaders Reborn event

Mar 16, 2024
198 South School Street, Ukiah, CA, USA

Event Details

**Tiny Leaders: Reborn Rules

This is a singleton format like commander, it has some rules that differ which are listed below:

Any Legendary creature or plainswalker cmc 3 or less can be your commander.

20 life

50 card total main deck which includes your commander/partners.

10 card side board, companions work like other formats where they take a slot in your board and must be presented as the game begins.

Competitive REL

No proxies

No free mulligans

50 minute Swiss rounds best 2 out of 3 with sideboarding between games. number of rounds dependent on turnout, cut to top 8

If you have partners for your commanders you start the game on a mulligan to six (draw 7 and must put 1 under if keeping)

Event entry $40

Soft cap of 64 players but possibility of expansion.

**Banlist as well as rules supplements:


Prizes paid down to 8th place with 1st place winning a Tropical Island! (MP+)

Prize support will increase with bigger turnout!

Event will be at Sword & Board in Ukiah

198 South School St, Ukiah, CA, 95482

Last minute entries accepted but not preferred due to logistical reasons.

Paypal: joecan8854@gmail.com

Venmo: Joe-Cantrell-89

Have any questions?

Contact me at joecan8854@gmail.com and I'll be more than happy to answer any questions you have!


Reborn Rumble, Win a Tropical Island, a Tiny Leaders Reborn event