Serialized Breeding Pool cEDH Tournament

Feb 17, 2024
104 West Alabama Avenue, Albertville, AL, USA

Event Details

Serialized Breeding Pool CEDH Tournament.


Prize Tier Structure: 16 players - 1st place receives a serialized breeding pool, 2-4th split a box of Dominaria Remastered. 32 players minimum - 1st place serialized breeding pool, 2nd place commander deck of choice, 3-4th split a box of Dominaria Remastered. 48 players minimum - 1st place serialized breeding pool, 2nd place Magic Cube with commander deck if choice, and 3rd and 4th split a box of dominaria remastered. 16 players needed to make this a TopDeck Championship; prizing will be adjusted to the number of players if less than 16 participate.

  • Entry fee is $30 and the cap on the tourney is 64 participants.
  • The tournament will have five rounds without byes. Three person pods paired by lower standings will be allowed.
  • The tournament will consist of Swiss 80 minute rounds with no turns followed by a cut to top 4 with an untimed final round.
  • First place is awarded to the winner of the final pod, with second through fourth awarded based on tournament standing.
  • Tournament standings for rankings are true standings based on multiple variables beyond OPW.
  • Playtest cards accepted.
  • Sportsmanship and inclusivity are highly valued and expectations of participants include the following: not dropping out of matches in progress, no kingmaking or gatekeeping, and no poor sportsmanship. Doors open at 11am, Tournament play starts at noon, and decklists must be submitted online during registration.

Standardized Ruleset There will be a standardized ruleset that must be followed by all partners for the TopDeck Invitational Series:

  • All events are posted and run through TopDeck.gg.
  • Players will be required to enter events with their TopDeck.gg accounts so points can be properly tracked.
  • A Point of Contact will be provided by each shop in the chance that an error needs resolved
  • Eminence will share leaderboard data as well as any other information with our partners. These include player points, recent events, and procedural updates and bans based on inappropriate or behavior resulting in a rules infraction
  • Shops will be required to run events with the Eminence standard ruleset:
  • 80 minutes
  • No turns
  • No 3 person or 5 person pods (Allow byes)
  • For events between 16-24 persons, 3 person pods are allowed.


Doors open at 11am and Tournament begins at 12pm!


Serialized Breeding Pool cEDH Tournament