From The Vault: Anniversary Draft - Double Masters

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​ The Mana Vault is hosting a special draft for our one year anniversary- a draft format that many have never had the experience to play: Double Masters. This gem of a format released in 2020, but was largely missed out on due to the pandemic lockdown. We decided to bring this format back to life at the shop for 2024 to give everyone who missed out the opportunity to experience one of the best draft formats of the modern era. This set was the first to feature two rares per pack, which at the time was a huge deal and supply for Double Masters shriveled up quickly. This set also was the last to feature a Mana Crypt reprint, with the potential to open a premium borderless version in the box-topper slot as well as the main set!

A rare re-draft will be the style for which prizing will be paid out, both to encourage more sound deck building and reward players for playing well in lue of opening well. The goal here is to draft the best DECK, not the best CARDS. If you manage to place high, you will have the best chance at winning the best cards opened during the draft phase.

This event is expected to cap out day of at 32 players, so pre-registration is highly recommended. Don't miss one of probably the last opportunities you may have to crack into the set that changed the scape of 'Masters' product forever.

This draft event will be held on Friday February 16th and will start at 6:00 PM! If you are running late PLEASE GIVE US A CALL (414)763-91111 OR SHOOT US A MESSAGE THROUGH DISCORD OR FACEBOOK MESSENGER. Links for contact and more can be found here: linktr.ee/themanavault

If all available tickets are sold then you may contact us by email at [email protected] to be put on a waiting list in case someone can no longer attend! Open seats will be filled from the waiting list in the order that they were recieved!


Entry cost is $75, and this draft will feature a rare re-draft for prize support including the super valuable box toppers.


​ Players will engage in a 3 round draft for original Double Masters, and prizing will be payed out in order of standings.

Pods will be locked for this event, meaning you will only be playing against players from YOUR draft pod.

There is a slight change to the way this format is drafted, in that players will pick TWO cards for the FIRST PICK ONLY in each pack before resuming normal drafting rules of One card per pick. This allows players to draft both rares from each pack if they so choose, in addition to providing some extra security in your desired archetype.

Players will be given 50 minutes to draft their pods and build their decks before being paired for the 3 rounds of swiss.

After swiss, players MUST return all rares and foils to a store attendant to take count and set the cards out for prize selection. It should be noted that each pod will also have the box topper from their box added to the prize pool for the rare re-draft.

PLAYERS ARE REQUIRED TO KEEP THEIR CARDS IN THE STORE SPACE AT ALL TIMES. This is to prevent anyone from loising or leaving with cards that are meant to be re-drafted for prizing after swiss concludes.


​ After swiss, players from each pod will take turns drafting from the pool of rares and foils that were opened during the draft phase. The box topper from each pod's box will also be added to the pool as an option for re-drafting.

From The Vault: Anniversary Draft - Double Masters

Entry Fee – $75

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