IMMORTAL: No Rival. No Equal.

Game Roost Triton Drive, Rosedale, Auckland, New Zealand
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A lone figure stands atop a pile of his fallen enemies. In the end, no one was able to compete against this paragon of might and power. This pillar of strength proved that they had no rival, no equal. They are the tip of the spear, the edge of the sword. And until someone else wrests them from their throne, they are Immortal.

Calling all competitive Commander players!

Following the awesome support from the first one, Game Roost is proud and excited yet again to be holding our 2nd Competitive Elder Dragon Highlander Tournament!

IMMORTAL: No Rival. No Equal. will be a highly competitive tournament for Commander players, pitting the best among the North shore, or maybe even the whole of Auckland!

When: 9th March. Saturday. 11:00 am onwards

Where: Game Roost

Entry: $45


  1. Rounds, Breaks & Timekeeping There will be a total of 5 rounds for this iteration of Immortal. First 3 rounds to determine our top 16, which will be played on the fourth round, and the fifth and final round is for the final 4. Each round will have a maximum 75 minutes each. If the match time limit is reached before a winner is determined, the player whose turn it is will have an additional three minutes to try and win the game; If there is still no clear winner after those extra 3 minutes, this will result in a DRAW for the whole pod.

  2. Pairings & Prizes All pairings will be randomly chosen through Command Tower, especially for the 1st round. Since we’ll have Swiss pairings with single elimination rounds, Command Tower will take care of all subsequent round pairings as well, based on how well a player does in their respective rounds. Prizes advertised are final.

  3. Tardiness Players who are not present in their game, on their turn, after five minutes have elapsed will be issued a warning. Players who are not in their match, most especially on their turn after eight minutes have elapsed in the round will be issued a Game Loss.

  4. Loops In an effort to allow more strategies and diversity amongst decks, non-deterministic loops, such as those associated with The Gitrog Monster or Timetwister, are allowed. If a player is unsure of how their opponent's loop functions, or is unsure if an opponent can perform the loop, please immediately call a judge. If a player executing a loop is incapable of concisely communicating the loop to a judge, they may not be allowed to perform the loop.

  5. Proxies This competitive tournament will be proxy friendly. Proxies must be clean, legible and not offensive. Imagery can be funny but not too distracting. Please try to keep the imagery on your proxies PG-13. Proxies found to be violating these guidelines, may be subjected to confiscation for the duration of the tournament. Continuous violation may subject the player to disqualification.

  6. Conceding Some cards, strategies, or lines of play, are reliant on the multiplayer aspect of commander (such as those associated with Dockside Extortionist and Najeela to name two). To facilitate these, players are expected to concede on their turn with an empty stack. This gives all players the opportunity to play to their deck’s strategies.

  7. Table Talk The penalty “Outside Assistance” will only apply in either of the following scenarios:

• When players in a match asks for or refers to information from a person or medium outside the current match other than a judge or the tournament organisers.

• When a player not involved in the current match, spectator, or any other person offers or otherwise communicates information to a player engaged in a match.

7a.When discussing cards at the table:

• Players are not required to disclose hidden information, although they may do so if they desire.

• Judges will not enforce contracts or promises. Tournament organizers reserve the right to remove a player from the tournament for unsportsmanlike behaviours.

• When resolving cards like Intuition, Thoughtseize, or other similar cards, a player may choose to solicit advice from their opponents. But be wary. Your opponents may not have your best interests at heart.

  1. Kingmaking One element of a multiplayer format is that players can take game actions that allow other players to win accidentally. Judges will not regulate suboptimal gameplay. Tournament organizers reserve the right to eject a player for unsportsmanlike behaviours.

  2. Deck Registration Players are only allowed to register ONE (1) deck. Decklists will be locked in on 07/03/2024.

  3. Judge Calls and Decision The judge’s calls and decisions will be adhered to and respected by all participants. The Judge will always have the final word.



Exclusive cEDH Trophy

*Additional Spot Prizes to be given on the day

IMMORTAL: No Rival. No Equal.

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