CEDH Staples Series - Black 1

Nov 19, 2023
Smoky Mountain Event Center (Formerly Haywood County Fairgrounds), Crabtree Road, Waynesville, NC, USA

Event Details

Welcome to the Appalachian Gaming League's second event, CEDH Staples Series - Black 1! The CEDH Staples Series is all about putting played and popular CEDH cards into the hands of players.

Basic Structure:

There will be 5 total rounds, 3 rounds of Swiss with points assigned to winners, a cut to the Top 16 players, and the winner from each pod plays for the Champion's Prize!

You can purchase your ticket at https://www.appalachiagames.com/event-details-registration/cedh-staples-series-black-1

Prize Support:

With 64 players we are giving out OVER $1,400 IN PRIZES!!!

Each tier of players receives an additional prize,

  • Every Player: 2 Commander Legends boosters
  • Top 16: Modern Horizons 2 booster
  • Final Four: Dominaria Remastered Collector booster
  • 1st Place: Black 1 CEDH Staples Package - Near Mint Yawgmoth's Will + Borderless Demonic Tutor (CMM) + Borderless Vampiric Tutor (DMR)

If 64 players or more participate the prizes for Top 16, Final Four, and Champion are DOUBLED!!

Additional Prizes for 64 players or more:

  • Top 16: Strixhaven Dark Ritual
  • Final Four: Extended Art Opposition Agent
  • 1st Place: Demonic and Vampiric Tutors become FOIL

Event Details:

Location: Smokey Mountain Event Center in Waynesville NC. Apple Orchard Building at the top of the hill. Check-in/signup: 11:00am Registration ends: 12:00pm (noon) Round 1 Start: 12:30pm Round Time: 60 Minutes with 15 minutes of turns.

Wins are given 3 points, Draws are given 1 point each. When time is called each player will get 1 more turn to close the game or it will be considered a draw (the active player finishes their turn and will play 1 more).


We are 100% Proxy Friendly Proxies should be printed and clearly legible. Goldborder cards will be allowed. Please refer to our Guidelines tab for more information on proxies.:

**Current Vendors: ** Appalachian Gaming League The Deck Box Gamers' Haunt

Other Games: DanDan Casual Commander On Demand Draft On Demand EDH (for fun or for prizes)

Food/Drinks: Pizza Snacks of all types Soft drinks, energy drinks, bottle water


Check in: 11:00AM

Vending, snacks, DanDan, casual EDH

Registration Ends: 12:00 (noon) Round 1 starts at 12:30PM 60 Minute Rounds with at most 15 minutes of turns If players are not present by 10 minutes after round start they will be assigned a loss.

5 minute break between rounds - starting when the game ends from the final playing pod

3 Total Swiss Rounds

Cut to top 16 and begin round no later than 5:00PM

Winners from each pod play in for the Champion's Prize starting at 6:30PM


CEDH Staples Series - Black 1