CEDH Tournament

Oct 7, 2023
1446 West Patrick Street #15, Frederick, MD, USA

Event Details

Event Information

October 7th at 1pm BSG is raising the stakes as we host our first Big Prize cEDH tournament! No additional ban lists. No proxy restrictions. Just the best and most competitive commander available. We've put together some of the top prize support and you can battle it out with the greatest players and decks our area has to offer. This tournament entry is $50. Please use www.moxfield.com to register your deck after signing up for the tournament (you can still register without by skipping the deck submission). This tournament will likely fill up fast so don't miss your chance to play the best and be the best!


This is a proxy friendly tournament. Please use quality proxies that can be recognized by your opponents, no sharpie'd basics! Cards cannot be visible through the back of your sleeves. We're going to be doing 80 minute round times. If your pod goes to time, active player will have 10 minutes to win, otherwise the game ends in a draw. Points are 4 for the win, 1 for a draw. These rules are subject to some minor tweaking before the day of the event, but should be pretty close to what is written.


Prize support scales based on the number of players we have. 40 or more players guarantees everything shown in our event picture will go out to the top 16. Here's the list of prizes:

  • Lion's Eye Diamond
  • Wheel of Fortune (Revised)
  • Mana Crypt 2XM
  • Intuition TMP
  • Mox Opal Borderless Foil
  • Chrome Mox Borderless Foil
  • Jeweled Lotus Ext Art
  • Underworld Breach Ext Art Foil
  • Opposition Ext Art Foil
  • Dockside Extortionist Borderless Foil
  • Ancient Tomb TMP
  • Mana Vault Borderless Foil
  • Force of Will ALL
  • Deflecting Swat Borderless Foil
  • Orcish Bowmasters Borderless Foil
  • Gemstone Caverns TSP


Anything else (health, etc.)


CEDH Tournament