1st GalaxyBusterTCG 1k Tournament

275 South State Street, Otisville, MI, USA
[email protected]

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GalaxyBusterTCG is hosting our first ever PROXY FRIENDLY cEDH tournament in the quaint little village of Otisville, MI. Having our first ever MTG tournament, we are hoping to break out more into the market of MTG by offering yet another chance for a competitive scene to be seen, heard, and experienced in the mid Michigan area. Look forward to seeing everyone come out and have fun.


Proxies are again legal for this tournament. Standard rules and banlist apply. The tournament will start at 5PM and consist of 4, 75 minute rounds of Swiss leading to a cut to top 16, then cut to top 4 and payout. $30 entry fee will be accepted either at the door on the day of the tournament. This tournament will be a little unique as prizing will scale with attendance.


Prizing will be as follows with an attendance of 30-39 participants: 1st Foil Judge Promo Force of Will, 2nd Gilded Drake, 3rd Intuition, 4th Yawgmoth's Will. Prizing with 40+ attendance will be as follows: 1st Textured Foil Jeweled Lotus, 2nd Foil Judge Promo Force of Will, 3rd Gilded Drake, 4th Player's pick between Intuition or Yawgmoth's Will.

Anything else

GalaxyBuster is a newer store in a small town doing big things within several TCG's. This is our first foray into the competitive magic scene and we would love to see 40+ people attend this tournament so that we can continue doing more like this on what we would hope to be a monthly basis. We care about our community and hope to make more of you all apart of it. If you have any further questions regarding the tournament feel free to reach out to us and call 810-374-6270.

1st GalaxyBusterTCG 1k Tournament

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