Commander Showdown XIIII: Cupid's Lucky 7's

7410 Boulevard 26, Richland Hills, TX, USA
[email protected]

Event Details

Event Information

Prepayment options are available right away. The registration time is 9 AM-11 AM.

We are accepting Moxfield Links for deck registration. This can be done after your payment is registered at the bottom of the page. Decklists will be locked at 10:59 AM prior to Round 1. Players have until then to revise decklists in the links they provide during registration.

Round 1 begins at 11 AM after opening announcements

The format of the rounds are as follows:

16 players 2 rounds single elimination 17-32 players 4 rounds, top 4 cut

33-64 players 5 rounds, top 16 cut

65-128 players 6 rounds, top 16 cut

129-256 players 7 rounds, top 16 cut

257-512 players 8 rounds, top 64 cut

513-1024 players 9 rounds, top 64 cut

1025+ players 10 rounds, top 64 cut

Please find us on our Facebook page and say you are attending the event!


If there is any questions, comments or concerns on alters, gold-bordered, 30th anniversary or our proxy rule, please contact Crimson Lion Games for more information.

When time is called, active player must provide a clear path to victory that turn, or the game ends in a draw. No additional turns are given to the remaining players.


5 points will be awarded to the unopposed winner of a pod.

1 point will be assigned per player elimination.

1 points per draw for all player still in the game when time is up.

2 points per bye, however during swiss rounds, 5 points will be awarded to each player, and will be adjusted during the top 16. This is due to the command tower system, not allowing a customized points scale in addition with custom bye points. This may cause some inconsistencies in swiss pairings, which will be adjusted on a case-by-case basis. If you have any questions about your total point pool and standings please speak to judges or event staff.

If a player takes an action that causes another player to lose the game to their own effect (IE Pact of Negation), or if you choose to lose the game in response to an action (IE Necropotence in response to lethal damage), the player that caused the action to be taken will be awarded the point.

If a player loses the game to a randomized result ( IE Ad Nausem, Mana Crypt), their point will disappear from the pool and no player will be awarded that point.

Judges, rules advisors, and store staff reserve the right to award points if they think an action was taken in bad faith to gain an advantage.


First place- Foil 7th Edition Final Fortune

Second Place- Revised Wheel of Fortune

Third Place - Antiquities Power Artifact

Fourth Place- Etched Foil Jeweled Lotus

Additional prizing may be given to the Top 16

Code Of Conduct

As always, respect for your fellow players is paramount. Here is a list of rules all participants must adhere to:

  1. Treat everyone with dignity and respect.

  2. Put fun first and be graceful in both wins and losses.

  3. Be a good caretaker and maintain your playing environment.

  4. Mind your words, think before you speak. Keep it clean.

  5. Follow any other rules of the event venue and city.

Crimson Lion Games is committed to fostering a fair and fun competitive atmosphere that is inclusive and safe for all who wish to attend. The rules of the tournament and state will be enforced. No refunds will be granted for any disorderly conduct.

Commander Showdown XIIII: Cupid's Lucky 7's

Entry Fee – $72

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