FNM- Commander 9/22

Sep 22, 2023
25 West Main Street, Schuylkill Haven, PA, USA

Event Details

Come join us for a Commander FNM event! There will be 2 rounds of Swiss style and entry will be $10. Prize support will be as follows. This event will use the EDH/Commander ban list. Proxies: Proxies in the deck shall consist of a Helper card as shown here https://www.cardkingdom.com/.../kamigaw.../dfc-helper-card-9 Round time will be 90 minutes Undefeated people will receive a promo pack. 2-0 =8 packs (or $35 credit) 1-1/ 1-0-1 = 4 packs (or $20 credit) Every other record gets one pack All prize support can be taken from any standard set or store credit for winning records.


6:30 PM


FNM- Commander 9/22