Win-A-Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale

Mar 30, 2024
431 South Jefferson Avenue suite 136, Springfield, MO, USA

Event Details

Event Information

🎟$100 entry Cash/Card/PayPal email admin@5cgaming.com or call 417-232-0769 to purchase a spot. paypal.me/TheCardShopLLC

🎟No spot held until paid in full

🎟Date: 3/30/24

🎟Time: Doors Open 9:30am Round 1 Starts at 11am

🎟Decklists do not require submission until the day of the tournament. It is important to register regardless of whether you have a deck list prepared.

🎟Refunds will only be issued if we are able to find a replacement for your spot. In such cases, refunds will be processed based on the earliest registration date.

🎟10 playtest cards, provided they do not infringe upon WoTC rules regarding proxies, particularly regarding copyrighted symbols and artwork. We suggest utilizing the MTG Goldfish playtest maker for creating these cards. Any WoTC printed cards are not concidered proxies, ie: World Champion, IE, CE, Magic 30 If you have any questions email us and we will tell you if it is a proper proxy. https://www.mtggoldfish.com/proxies/new

📍Location: 5C Gaming 431 S. Jefferson Ave. Suite 136, Springfield, Mo 65806

🎟Online decklists from Moxfield are mandatory and must be submitted before the start of round one. Failure to provide a decklist will result in a round loss to complete a decklist. You do not need to submit a decklist at registration, just before round 1.


🥇1st place Wins "The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale"

🥈2nd - 4th Revised Dual Lands

💰5-16 $100 Payout

🎁Random Door Prizes after each swiss round

Top 4 Event Playmat

Top 16 Event Playmat


64 players (6 rounds, cut to top 16)

Top 16: Winner of each pod will be in the final pod.

Pod 1 seating order: 1, 8, 9, 16

Pod 2 seating order: 2, 7, 10, 15

Pod 3 seating order: 3, 6, 11, 14

Pod 4 seating order: 4, 5, 12, 13

Top Cut Seating will be in the highest rank to lowest rank.

In the Top 4 or Top 16 the highest-ranked player gets to decide who goes first.

At the Top 4 the judge will ask for a split of prizing or redistribution of prizes, it must be a unanimous decision for changing of prizes.

Round Duration

Each round has a duration of 90 minutes.

Pod Sizes

Pods will always be 3 or 4 players. The top pods will have 4 players, while lower pods will have 3 players.

No Byes


4 Person Pod

1st place: 5 points

2nd place: 3 points

3rd place: 2 points

4th place: 1 point

3 Person Pod

1st place: 5 points

2nd place: 3 points

3rd place: 2 point

Alternate Win Condition

If a player achieves a win condition (e.g., combat, "I win the game" cards, opponents lose the game cards, Thassa Oracle), they must call a judge.

The judge will ask the table to agree that the player has won, regardless of any further actions by any player.

If the table agrees, the player concedes for the win, and the rest of the pod continues to play for 2nd, 3rd, and 4th, without changing the board states. Cards like Heliod, Walking Ballista, The player has the option of either selecting how players die, or they can concede for their place and let the remaining people continue to play.

Lethal damage to the table does not matter for players life total, player will still concede for the win not affecting life totals.

Rules Enforcement Level (REL)

Take-backs are NOT allowed: missed plays, tapping lands incorrectly, or playing the wrong spell; they are not able to be taken back unless physically unable to cast it.

For instance, if Drannith Magistrate is on the battlefield and you attempt to cast your commander from the command zone, this action is not permissible. Therefore, the attempted casting will be reversed, and any mana expended will be untapped.

Once anything is tapped and the hand is removed, it cannot be undone.

When a land produces multiple colors, announce which color of land you are producing.

These events are not run at full competitive (COMP) level due to the difficulty of tracking certain rule interactions in a 4-player game.

Normal rulings will be treated as COMP.

Outside assistance is not permitted, but a judge can provide card clarification. Judges or anyone else cannot provide the Oracle or explain interactions.

Advice or help from other players within the pod is allowed within the rules of the game.

Trying to change the outcome of a game through anything outside of the game (e.g., offering bribes) is strictly prohibited. This means saying something like “I will concede for X” or “If you do this I will give you X”.

Electronic devices to look up anything in the game is prohibited. You can use them for keeping track of life but not for any other use.

Graveyard order matters; you can not change the order of any graveyard.

Play Order

Players participate in the sequence specified on the round roster. Player 1 assumes the position designated for player 1 within the pod, and players occupy seats around player 1 according to their assigned order.

Irregular Resolving Order

Events that require an order, typically in a 2-player game, will happen sequentially from Non-Active to Active Player but in EDH there are usually 3 Non-Active Players and 1 Active Player. So these events will work like resolving the Stack.

These events will be placed on the "STACK" with triggers for each affected person or item.

They will be resolved in reverse order, meaning the last item placed on the stack will be the first one resolved.

Example: If there is enough damage to kill 2 people in a 4 player pod, all damage will be placed on the "STACK" and resolved in reverse order. The person on the right will be the first one eliminated as that damage was the last item placed on the “STACK”, followed by the person on the left.

This order and stack resolution only apply to items that do not fall under the Alternate Win Condition and will make 2 people lose the game at the same time.

These items can not be affected in any other way than normal within the rules of the game. This rule is just used in cases where irrational things happen like the example and “STACK” is just for clarification as most players know how the stack works and is used for assigning points for who would lose before the other person.

***End of Round ***

Note the player who went first, not the first player in the pod.

After the round timer ends, play continues as normal until it is back to the player who went first, and then each player gets one additional turn.

After the last player takes their turn, players still in the game are awarded 2 points each, unless only 2 players remain in the pod. In that case, both players receive 1 point.

If a player achieved an Alternate Win condition during overtime, it is handled normally, and they are awarded 5 points.

The last 3 players continue to play until another player wins. If another player wins, the last 2 players continue to play until they each take their end-of-round turns. Then, 2 or 1 point(s) are awarded to each player accordingly.

Other Stuff

Please be aware that this event can be live-streamed, and both photo and video recordings will be made for streaming during the event and for future promotional purposes. Audio and video recording will be ongoing throughout the duration of the store's opening hours.


Win-A-Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale