Pastimes February TopDeck CEDH Qualifier Tournament

Feb 18, 2024
233 Golf Mill Drive Entrance, 8, Niles, IL 60714

Event Details

Event Description

This tournament will consist of 3 rounds of Swiss with a cut to the top 4; make sure you register ASAP! The tournament will be capped at 32 total players, and YOU MUST register to be eligible to play. Decklists are REQUIRED. if you are running late, PLEASE GIVE US A CALL (847) 470-9636

If all available tickets are sold, you may contact us by email at ronlonghi@pastimes.net to be put on a waiting list in case someone can no longer attend! Open seats will be filled from the waiting list in the order they received!


An Eminence account is free to sign up for. Paying for events, submitting decklists, and viewing match pairings are required on the event day. YOU MUST register to be eligible to play

Event Details

Check-in- 11:00 am Start Time- 11:30 am Entry Fee- $30 Round Timer- 80 Minutes

Playtest Card Policy

This event will be Playtest Card-friendly.

You may use as many "Playtest cards" as needed that are in color and utilize recognizable art as an alternative or MDFC placeholder cards that are clearly written on. MDFC cards require full text, mana cost, card type(s), and name.

If you choose to use MDFCs, you are limited to only 10 MDFC cards. Additionally, you will need a printout of the cards to reference on the side.

You WILL NOT be allowed to slip printed pieces of paper in front of a magic card.

You may use Magic 30th Anniversary cards, Collector’s Edition cards, International Edition, and World Championship Deck cards.


This tournament has a 32 Player Cap.

There will be 3 rounds of Swiss.

Each round will be 80 minutes in length.

After time in the round is called, the active player will finish their turn, and the game will end in a draw.

Wins are worth 5 points. Draws are worth 1 point.

After the Swiss, there will be a cut to the top 4 based on points awarded during the Swiss

This tournament will utilize the MSIPG created by Monarch and will be held to Comp REL standards.

This tournament will utilize Command Tower for the pairing software and determining turn order.

Byes awarded due to awkward pairings will be considered a win worth 5 points.


1st Place - Foil Jeweled Lotus (Extended Art) - Commander Legends (CMR) 2nd Place - $100 Store Credit 3rd Place - $100 Store Credit 4th Place - $100 Store Credit

Prizes are based on a minimum of 24 players in attendance. We will always add or increase prizes based on participation. 100% of entry fees will be used for prize support.

TopDeck Qualifing Points

This event is a Qualifier for the TopDeck 10k in 2024. You will earn points per placement in each tier, variable by tier.

Bronze Qualifier Attendance minimum: 16 players or more Silver Qualifier Attendance minimum: 32 players or more Gold Qualifier Attendance minimum: 60 players or more


If you have questions, you can email ronlonghi@pastimes.net or join the Pastimes Discord Server (discord.gg/WQHa3mf)

*All event details, entry fees, and prizes are subject to change.


Pastimes February TopDeck CEDH Qualifier Tournament

Entry Fee – $30.00