Playthrough 2024 Marvel SNAP! Tournament – Saturday

Raleigh Convention Center, South Salisbury Street, Raleigh, NC, USA
[email protected]

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******Tournament will be held in the Free To Play area of Playthrough. We are next to the Arcade Machines at the Circular Tables. Sign in starts at 1:30pm and ends at 2pm. First round starts at 2:10pm! Let's GOOOOOO!!!!

Marvel SNAP at Playthrough 2024!! 32 Person Tournament. Swiss Format so hopefully every participant will be able to play the entire tournament! This tournament is being run IN PERSON! While this is a mobile and online game, everyone playing must be present at the tournament.

You MUST bring your own phone, PC, or way to play SNAP through another device. We would love to be able to have enough gaming devices available for everyone, but we cannot. I truly apologize for this.

This is a FREE and FRIENDLY tournament! Our goal is to have a great time and meet new people and make new friends in our Snap community. Please be respectful, kind, and cool headed. Sometimes losing is hard, and we all know the frustration of random effects feeling incredibly unfair. (X-Mansion gives you Angel and your opponent Hulk) . Please keep this in mind and treat others kindly and with respect.


Swiss Format.

20 minute rounds through Friendly Battle. If the match isn't over within the 20 minutes, players will finish that current game where the winner will be the person with the highest remaining hit points. In the event of a disconnect, players should call over a tournament worker to work on a solution. We STRONGLY advise that screenshots should be taken upon a disconnect to help with deciding what to do next. Suggested actions will be start a new game using the same decks, and each player retreats until the new HP totals match the pre-disconnect.

Highly recommended to take screenshots after each game throughout your match.

The Finals will have no time limit.

Since each round is one Friendly Battle, you won't be able to change decks against the same opponent. However, you are not required to use the same deck throughout the tournament. You may change decks with each new opponent.

As stated previously, all participants must be present at the tournament itself. This isn't just a Marvel SNAP! tournament, but it's a get together of the local SNAP community.

Concerning trackers: Since trackers do not provide any true cheating, they will be allowed. As a courtesy, if your opponent is playing on their phone or is not using a tracker, we ask that you as well do not use a tracker. For those who don't have trackers, we will not say no to having pen and paper to write down game notes, such as cards seen, what was destroyed and what was discarded.



Prizes will be as follows

1st) 3850 gold 2nd) 2600 gold 3rd/4th 700 gold or Premium Season Pass

We are also working on giving away ribbons with Snap titles on them as fun swag!

Anything else (health, etc.)

You do NOT need a Topdeck.GG Account to enter and participate. Manual Signups will be happening at the table.

If we are full, we will have another tournament on Sunday.

Please Bring Your Own Phone or Laptop to play as we cannot promise that we will be able to provide any PCs. We will have a designated wireless network that you will be able to connect to for participating in the tournament.

Playthrough 2024 Marvel SNAP! Tournament – Saturday

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