March Madness 24

Game Knight - Columbia, 119 Nashville Highway #117, Columbia, TN, USA
[email protected]

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Event Information

Hey folks!
We are back in the mean streets of Columbia, TN and playing for an Unlimited Timetwister!
5 Rounds of Swiss - cut to Top 16.
Doors open 10am!

Redemption Event

We will be firing a 2nd event a few rounds into this event for those that want to drop.
3 Rounds and no Top-X cut, we will pay out to Top 4.
$30 Entry, and if we hit 32 Participants, Top 4 each get a Scrubland, otherwise pay out is store credit.


Proxy cards are allowed, but we ask that they are high-quality, or you are allowed 10 MDFC with cards with all relevant text accompanied by a print out stored in your deck box.
Deck lists will need to be submitted before the start of round one, at 11:00 AM day of event.


1st Place: Unlimited Timetwister
2nd - 4th Place: Revised Tropical Island
5th - 16th Place: Collector Booster Pack of Commander Masters

Anything else (health, etc.)

Featuring: Phil Gallagher of ThrabenU and The Eternal Glory Podcast as a Special Guest!

March Madness 24

Entry Fee – $100

Event has capped!