GR Leeds CEDH 17.02.24

Feb 17, 2024
Geek Retreat Leeds, Central Road, Central Arcade, Leeds, UK

Event Details

Registration will begin at 10 am for an 11 am round 1. Event entry is £10 with prizing coming in the form of store credit given to the top 4. Proxy cards are legal as long as they have official art (colour preferred) and align with the EDH banlist & deckbuilding restrictions. Decklists are required, although they can be handed in on the day & can be done on Topdeck with a link (eg. Moxfield) Rounds are 90 minutes long, best of 1. After 3-4 rounds of swiss (depending on player turnout) we will cut to Top 4 to determine a winner.

We hope to see you there!



10am : Store opens and registration begins

11am : Round 1

12:30pm : 30 Minute Lunch Break

1pm : Round 2

2:30pm : Round 3

4pm : Round 4 (if we have the players for it) OR Top cut

5:30pm : Top cut (if there was a 4th round of swiss)

The store closes at 8pm so there will be time for casual games/rounds running over!


GR Leeds CEDH 17.02.24