Fabricator's Forge Feb cEDH

Feb 24, 2024
1012 5th Avenue, Coraopolis, PA, USA

Event Details

Event Information

Welcome to Fabricator's Forge February cEDH tournament. This event is proxy friendly (see below)

Date/Time: SATURDAY Feb 24th @ Noon (12pm) Format: Commander

An Eminence account is free to sign up for. It is required to submit decklists, and view match pairings on the day of the event.

YOU MUST have an eminence account to be eligible to play.

Payments will be done at the door.


This tournament 36 Player Cap.

There will be 4 rounds of Swiss.

Each round will be 80 minutes in length.

After time in the round is called, the game is over after active player finishes their turn. This rule goes away once we cut to top 16

Wins are worth 5 points Draws are worth 1 point.

After Swiss there will be a cut to the top 16 based on points awarded during the Swiss

This tournament will utilize the MSIPG created by Monarch and will be held to Comp REL standards.

This tournament will utilize Command Tower for the pairing software and determining turn order.


$15 Entry (No store credit)

For every entry $20 of prizing will be added to the pool. We will be adding some nice card prizes for the winner as before, but that is TBA.

Proxy Policy


You may use up to 20 registered "test cards" that are in color and utilize recognizable art as you like.


Fabricator's Forge Feb cEDH