Snowy Summit cEDH 5k Hosted By Mythic Games

the Curtis Denver - a DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel, Curtis Street, Denver, CO, USA
[email protected]

Event Details

IMPORTANT: To confirm a spot you must pay within 48 hours of registering. That can be done here: MYTHIC GAMES COLORADO

Join us for the biggest cEDH tournament Colorado has ever seen! Partnered with Mythic Games, this is the first tournament of its kind in Colorado! Don't miss out on this 128-person, 5k cEDH tournament at the Curtis Hotel, in downtown Denver.

The event will be 100% proxy friendly. That means that you can use "playtest" cards as long as they adhere to the following:

Printed proxies from sites such as MPC.

Clearly marked as proxies, for example with a different card back.

No paper slips in front of cards.

Official artwork, everything you can find on Scryfall is allowed.

Indistinguishable from the rest of the deck in sleeves.

Event Will Start In:

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Gold Level Event

This will be one of the last Gold Level events of the Season.

Make sure you grab these last-chance points!




2nd - 4th


5th - 16th


We are very proud to say that we are working with the Curtis Hotel to get you a discounted deal on rooms! The link below will send you to a courtesy block where you can rent a room for two nights Fri-Sun. If you want a longer stay with our discount you’ll have to call them to get that situated Number: (303) 571-0300. The cut-off date for these rooms is June 12th so make sure you get a reservation before then!

To purchase a permanent seat for this event you’ll need to either pay online with the link below or call Mythic Games Colorado to pay over the phone (Number: (303) 936-3660) within 48 hours of registering on TopDeck.

This event is going to be Saturday, July 13th at the Curtis Hotel, 1405 Curtis Street, Denver, CO 80202.

Doors Open 8:00 AM, Player meeting 8:30 AM, Start time 9 AM

Entry for the event is $90 and to register you'll need to sign up on this page and pay here:

As a result of this being the first of its kind in Colorado, we weren't able to obtain the level of support from sponsorships and such that we hoped. To maintain a reasonable budget we are only able to run this as a 5 round, single day event with a 128-player-cap. We hope to run bigger and better events in 2025!

You will have a 48-hour unpaid hold on your spot, if you do not pay within that time frame you will be removed from the event. You will be more than welcome to join on TopDeck again but payment is required to reserve a spot permanently.

If you are looking to get them approved ahead of the event, join our discord and head over to the #alter-proxy-approval channel and the head judge will get back to you!
Colorado cEDH Events

Yes! You will need to submit a decklist on TopDeck. Decklists will be locked at 9 pm MST, Friday, the day before the event, so be sure to get your list in before that time.

Refund Policy: If you are unable to attend and have already paid for a spot, we will be accepting refunds up until 48 hrs prior to the event, Thursday, July 11th. To initiate a refund please call:

(303) 936-3660

For any other questions head over to the Colorado cEDH Events Discord!
Discord: https://discord.gg/xNBBMNYszX

Snowy Summit cEDH 5k Hosted By Mythic Games

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