TGE $1K* cEDH Tournament

Dec 10, 2023
617 1/2 Central Center, Chillicothe, OH 45601

Event Details

Commander Players!

Wanna win some cash and/or store credit?

Join us December 10th at 12:00pm here at TGE for our cEDH $1K* Tournament!

Competitive Commander is a fun way to enjoy the format while optimizing your deck to the best of its abilities! All players are going to be packing as many powerful Magic cards as possible and all share the same goal of victory! Everyone is out to make big plays and overcome the odds in order to come out on top of the TGE $1K* cEDH Tournament!

Out-of-town players are encouraged to preregister to guarantee their spot! Call us at (740) 851-4931 or visit us in-store to preregister. Day-off registration will open at 11:00am with round 1 starting promptly at 12:00pm.

Entry: $40, 72 player cap Format: Commander Decklist Required

Tournament Structure: Organized using the Eminence tournament software Five rounds of swiss (maximum) followed by a top-16 semi-finals, then a 4-man finals pod 80 minute timer, no turns Players may have up to ten proxies in their deck. Proxies must be clearly legible with all offical texts and may not have any inconsistencies that might allow them to be differentiated from each other while manipulating the library. We recommend using MDFCs and writing on them for any proxies. If there are any questions please feel free to contact us or check-in with our judge before the event.

Scoring: Win - 3 points Draw - 1 point Loss - 0 points

Prizing: $1,000* in cash and store credit will go to our top-16 players!

*Cash/Credit will scale with attendance

We look forward to seeing you here!

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TGE $1K* cEDH Tournament