Put a Ring on it!

Game Grid Spanish Fork, East 1060 North, Spanish Fork, UT, USA
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If you like it, the you should have put a RING on it! Welcome to February! Whether you have good or bad luck in the name of love, at least you can come jam games to win all the rings! $30 to play the day away! Starts at 10:30AM! Please arrive 30 minutes early to minimize undue delay!


This event will be following the standard TopDeck Championship Series ruleset:

4-5 Swiss Rounds (Depending on turnout)

  • 80 minute length
  • No turns
  • After time is called, active player will finish their turn. If no winner has been determined, the round will be considered a draw.
  • Cut to top 16 at the conclusion of the Swiss.

Semifinals and Finals

  • No time limit. Play until winner is determined.
  • Finals will begin soon after winners have been determined from semifinals.

Proxy Policy

  • 100% Proxy Friendly!
  • Proxy cards must use official printed artwork of MTG artwork corresponding to the card in question. Colored prints are highly recommended.
  • Proxy cards must use official printed text or oracle text
  • Thickness must be consistent so as not to have marked cards. This is especially important if part of the deck is proxy.
  • Feel free to reach out for any questions regarding proxy policy


The prizing is all rings, no more, no less.

  • 1st Place: The One Ring (Borderless Poster Edition)
  • 2nd, 3rd & 4th: The One Ring (Extended Art)
  • 5th-16th: The One Ring (Bundle Edition)

Additional Information

There will be a 30 minute lunch break in between 2nd & 3rd Round Join our Discord for more awesome event announcements, as well as pack giveaways, free entry giveaways, and reserved list cEDH playable giveaways!


Put a Ring on it!

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