CEDH 2/17/24

Feb 17, 2024
471 Morrison Road, Gahanna, OH, USA

Event Details

Event Information

Join Littleroot Games for a CEDH Tournament on Saturday, February 17th at 12:00pm! Doors will open early at 11:00am. Entry is $50 with a maximum of 32 players.


There will be an L2 judge on staff. Proxy limit of 10. Decklist submission required prior to event start. One additional turn per player if round goes to time. Scooping is only allowed as sorcery speed. Players will receive five points per round win, one per draw.


  • 1st - Mox Diamond
  • 2nd - Foreign White Border Bayou, Serra's Sanctum, or Mana Crypt
  • 3rd - Choice of remaining cards
  • 4th - Remaining card


CEDH 2/17/24

Entry Fee – $50