Davey Back Circuit Wednesday Night Locals

Event Details

Join the Caliber Discord to Participate! : https://discord.gg/KS4Kn6jGhg

Date: Wednesday , September 20th 2023
Format: OP04 - No ST10 (OPTCGSim 1.19B)
Restriction List: EN ( https://en.onepiece-cardgame.com/rules/restriction/ )
Entry: $15
Starting-Time: 8:00 PM EST
Check-In will be conducted at 7:50PM EST
Submit Decklist by copying decklist link from https://onepiece-cardgame.dev/


Every 8 People = A Box (Every Person after 8 adds 3 Packs to Pool)

8 or Less People(GURANTEED Prizing)
1st - 1 Box

16 People
1st - 1 Boxes
2nd - 12 Packs
3rd/4th - 6 Packs

24 People
1st - 1 1/2 Box(36 Packs)
2nd - 18 Packs
3rd/4th - 9 Packs

32+ People
1st - 2 Boxes
2nd - 1 Box
3rd/4th - 12 Packs Etc...

Swiss(Rounds) + Top Cut

8 People (4-8 People) - 3 Rounds, Top 4 Cut
16 People (9-16 People) - 4 Rounds, Top 4 Cut
32 People (17-32 People) - 5 Rounds, Top 4 Cut
64 People (33 - 64 People) - 6 Rounds, Top 8 Cut
128 People (65-128)- 7 Rounds, Top 8 Cut


Format: OP04- with English Restrictions
OPTCG Simulator Event(1.19B is Latest Version)
Best of 1 Swiss, into Best of 3 Top Cut Playoffs!
Thanks for participating in Calibur Tournaments, and we will see you in the next event šŸ¤


  1. Can I play if Iā€™m not from the US?

Yes, and shipping for prizing will currently be covered to support OP04 Launch Week! After official release date all outside us players will have to cover shipping , (non-US players can have their prizing held until they want to have it all shipped out if they choose to bundle their prize winnings from circuit games )

  1. Where do I submit my decklist?

Submit your decklist on the sign-up page, but submitting your decklist link from http://onepiece-cardgame.dev/cards

  1. How long does my opponent have to show up?

They have 5 minutes to show up, after 5 minutes please IMMEDIATELY report to the tournament host that they have not shown.

  1. How do I drop?

Before the start of next round please go to the #judge-call channel, and say that you would like to be dropped.

  1. Are tournaments BO1 or BO3?

Swiss rounds are always best of 1, while top cut is always best of 3!

Davey Back Circuit Wednesday Night Locals

Entry Fee ā€“ $15

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