Lotus Series IV

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Event Details

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Event Highlights

Competitive Environment

High prize pools attract strong competition for a fun day of tight play!

Fully Proxy Friendly

All proxies must be in color and use the recognizable artwork.

Prizing Scaled with Attendance

Enjoy perks such as free LotusCon Entry and ka0s League access in addition to cash prizes!



$1434 (28% of Entries)
Entry to LotusCon 2024 ($99 value)
150 ka0s 2024 Invitational Leaderboard Points
250 TopDeck Championship Series Points
Reigning G.O.A.T discord bling and Hall of Champions entry, granting eternal access to ka0s Challenge Gong champion showcase matches streamed to Twitch/Youtube!

2nd - 4th

$410 (8% of Entries)
75 ka0s 2024 Invitational Leaderboard Points
120 TopDeck Championship Series Points

5th - 8th

$205 (4% of Entries)
45 ka0s 2024 Invitational Leaderboard Points
70 TopDeck Championship Series Points

9th - 16th

Entry Voucher to a future Lotus Series tournament
30 ka0s 2024 Invitational Leaderboard Points
70 TopDeck Championship Series Points

Top 16

Top 16 Discord role on Mythic Lotus and ka0s discords
Complimentary Access to ka0s League Season 10
(a webcam monthly league with cash prizes and a title)

17th - 32nd

10 ka0s 2024 Invitational Leaderboard Points
20 TopDeck Championship Series Points

33rd - 64th

5 ka0s 2024 Invitational Leaderboard Point
5 TopDeck Championship Series Points

*@128 players (scales with the number of players)
Payouts through PayPal in USD
Players may opt to take their payout in store credit instead at Mythic Lotus Gaming and receive 20% more value!


Your host is Mythic Lotus Gaming, a bustling brick and mortar and online TCG shop and host of LotusCon!

Your tournament organizer is ka0s Tournaments, the oldest continuously running and most prolific webcam cEDH tournament operator. Come by our discord to enjoy our other tournament series and monthly Patron league!

January 27th, 2024, at 10:00AM ET.

Hosted on webcam over Spelltable on the Mythic Lotus Tournaments Discord!

Five 90 minute rounds, cutting to top 16, the winners of which play a top 4 finals match. Player cap: 128

Our full rule list, including everything required to protect competitive integrity, can be found on our discord in the #readme_and_ticket_tool channel, under Rules and Expectations.

Submit your decklist on Command Tower, get any alters approved in #alter_approvals on our discord, get your playspace approved in #playspace_approvals on our discord, and test your tech by firing up a real or test Spelltable game. Full details including our playspace expectations in our #readme_and_ticket_tool under the Preparing section on our discord.

No, webcam over Spelltable only, following our webcam expectations listed in #readme_and_ticket_tool in our discord.

Up until 24 hours before the event, you may get your ticket refunded by reaching out with a support ticket in our #readme_and_ticket_tool channel on discord or by PMing a TO,

You agree to your games being recorded by tournament staff and/or fellow players.

You must be 18 or older or have parental permission to play.

You accept that our judge staff may disqualify you without monetary compensation at their discretion.

Submit a ticket in our #readme_and_ticket_tool channel on discord, or PM one of the people under the Server Support category on the member list sidebar!

Lotus Series IV

Entry Fee – $40

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