cEDH Tournament at Tabletop Gaming Center

Tabletop Gaming Center, New Britain Avenue, Newington, CT, USA
[email protected]

Event Details

Event Information

Start Time: 11:00 AM Entry: $30 per player


Playtest (Proxy) Card Info:

  • This event will allow for up to 15 playtest cards in each person’s deck (players often call these proxy cards).
  • Collectors Edition, International Edition, and Gold Border cards will be allowed, and won't be counted towards the 15 playtest card limit.
  • All playtest cards must be clearly identifiable as unofficial.
  • Any playtest cards using copyrighted Wizards card images will not be allowed.


  • 1st Place: 1x Lion’s Eye Diamond (LP) (at 13 or more players)
  • 2nd-4th Place: Store credit based on participation (with 18 or more players) If fewer than 13 players, all prizes will be in store credit.

Anything else (health, etc.)

Decklists are required. Please link your decklist when you sign up

cEDH Tournament at Tabletop Gaming Center

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