Lexington cEDH Showdown #1

Mar 16, 2024
3401 Nicholasville Road, Lexington, KY, USA

Event Details

Saturday, March 16th at 12pm

Pre-register for this event at https://cardmonstergames.com/products/mtg-lexington-cedh-1-000-showdown-entry-fee

Entry Fee: $30

Decklists will be required.

Format: The event will be 4 rounds of Swiss pairings before Top 16, using Command Tower tournament software. Each round will be 90mins long. Top 16 will be split into 4 pods, culminating in one Finals pod.

Card Legality: •This event will use the mtg.commander.net ban list •Additionally, World Championship Edition cards (otherwise known as Gold Border cards), International Edition and Collectors Edition cards (IE and CE cards), and Magic 30th Anniversary Edition cards are legal as long as their counterparts are legal. •"Proxy Cards" will be allowed at this Unsanctioned event. Players will need to use "test cards" that are made by staff at the event site at a cost of $1 per card. Each will clearly display full text, mana cost, card types, and name. Reproductions of Wizards of the Coast authentic products will NOT be allowed. Please arrive early to allow time for your proxies to be made prior to the start of the event. •Alters are allowed as long as they are approved by staff prior to the start of the event.

Prize Support: Minimum $1,000 Cash. Prize support will scale with attendance.

Minimum Prize Support: •1st Place: $150 •2nd -4th Place: $100 each •5th-16th Place: $45 each

Prize Support at 64 Players: •1st Place: $300 •2nd-4th Place: $200 each •5th-16th Place: $75 each

Any additional questions can be directed to CardMonsterGames@gmail.com

88 Player Maximum

Pre-registration for this events ends at midnight on March 16th.

This event will be held at the CM Games Super Center in Fayette Mall in Lexington, KY (3401 Nicholasville Rd, Lexington, Kentucky)


Lexington cEDH Showdown #1