Cedh for a Mox Diamond

Mar 9, 2024
724 County Hwy 10, Blaine, MN 55434

Event Details

** Event Information**

Welcome everyone this will be our first of hopefully many events to come! We will be giving away a mox diamond for first place and a top 4 payout. Be sure to register quickly because its going to fill fast as there will only be 32 players so we can keep it at 3 rounds of swiss and cut to top 4 after. Doors will open at 11am for check-in and we will start round 1 at noon, so please arrive early. If you have already registered but need to cancel or are running late please contact me ASAP. We will allow proxies as long as they are original magic art and printed on card stock. Any comments, concerns or questions about proxies email me @ pyro1199@gmail.com or send me a message on discord.

** Rules**

We will be using comp REL, so if there are any questions dont be afraid to call for a judge and raise your hand, if needed there will be a time extension for the resolution to be solved. We will have 3 rounds of swiss that are 75 minutes long and a cut to top 4 with no time limit.

** Prizing**

!st place will be a Mox Diamond wioth top 4 payout. Full payout will be after 22 players.


Cedh for a Mox Diamond

Entry Fee – $30