Weekly cEDH Meetup

Feb 19, 2024
3400 Westgate Drive #14b, Durham, NC, USA

Event Details

On Mondays, Atomic Empire reserves space for pods of cEDH. cEDH is a way to play the card game Magic: The Gathering, and is an acronym for competitive Elder Dragon Highlander, or competitive Commander. Today, cEDH refers to both a mindset and metagame. Put another way, cEDH is Commander, but very spicy.

This weekly hangout is a great opportunity to test, tune, and tweak decks, talk strategy, practice for upcoming events, or you know, just get in some more games of your favorite Magic format!

As this is an informal, unsanctioned event, there is no limit on the proxies you can field in your deck. Just make sure it's okay with the rest of your pod first!


Atomic Empire is open from 11am to 11pm. Players generally begin arriving at 6pm.


Weekly cEDH Meetup