Ravnica: Clue Edition Launch Party

Feb 25, 2024
214 East High Street, Pottstown, PA, USA

Event Details

Join our Launch Party to celebrate the release of Ravnica: Clue Edition! Players will purchase a copy of Ravnica: Clue Edition, gather three friends, crack open packs, and step into the roles of Ravnica's top detectives. You'll use evidence to determine the killer, the scene of the crime, and the weapon in this Clue-inspired spin on Magic: The Gathering. There are two ways to win: be the first to solve the mystery or be the last suspect standing. We will have 9 Ravnica: Clue Editions available for purchase Registration: 11am *Preregistration is available through Facebook Messenger, email @ otdofficialevents@gmail.com, or see us in-store! Play Starts: 12pm Entry: $60 per group of 4 (Purchase 1 Ravnica: Clue Edition per group) 1 Participation promo will be given to each player in a four-person pod that purchased a Ravnica: Clue Edition and play with it in-store! ADDITIONAL PRIZING SCALES WITH ATTENDANCE