FAB Ultimate Xmas Pit Fight

Dec 16, 2023
The Office | Roll Play

Event Details

Event Information

Attend our FAB Xmas Party on Saturday, Dec 16

  • Teach newbies the game at 10AM
  • and then join the UPF tourney at 1PM
  • and wear your FAB costume attire for a special prize too! Earn more raffle entries with Armory attendance starting Nov 8 for more chances to win a SIGIL OF SOLACE

(Thank you to LGD for the promo card/s) and to anyone else who wants to donate prizes, please reach out to me.

See you there! (For more info, please see the "Road to FAB Xmas" post and the November/December Armory posts)


Entry - P850 / $18 Inclusions:

  • Entry to UPF Tournament (3 Rounds)
  • Entry gift
  • Simple Dinner and drink/s
  • 1 Raffle entry into the Big Prize Draw
  • 1 Extra Raffle entries Other Details:
  • 3 Rounds
  • Round time: 60 minutes
  • 4 players per pod
  • UPF Ban list Player List: GEM Tournament Rounds: Eminence


  • 2 Packs Bright Lights (Entry gift)
  • 1 Extra Raffle entry for each pod win

Anything else (health, etc.)

Fine print:

  • should attend at least one UPF armory and also the UPF tourney on Dec 16
  • or should attend two armories and be present during the Big raffle
  • others TBD


Schedule: Saturday, Dec 16 10:00 AM to 12:00 NN Learn to Play 12:00 NN to 1:00 PM Lunch Break 1:00 PM to 1:30 PM Check-in and Registration for UPFiesta 1:30 PM to 1:45 PM Briefing 1:45 PM to 1:50 PM Breakout to Pods 1:55 PM to 2:55 PM Round 1 3:05 PM to 3:10 PM Breakout to Pods 3:15 PM to 4:15 PM Round 2 4:25 PM to 4:30 PM Breakout to Pods 4:35 PM to 5:35 PM Round 3 5:40 PM to 5:45 PM Dropping of Raffle Entries 5:40 PM to 5:50 PM Prizes/Raffle/Additional Prizes 5:50 PM to 6:20 PM Presentation of entries to Costume Contest 6:20 PM to 7:20 PM Dinner Break and Voting for Costume Contest 7:25 PM to 7:30 PM Final Raffle and Announcement of Costume Contest Winner


FAB Ultimate Xmas Pit Fight