T3 Cedh - Scrubland

Feb 18, 2024
3920 25th Street, Columbus, IN, USA

Event Details

Date: 2/18/2024

Time: Registration: 12:00PM-12:45PM

Tournament Start 1:00PM

The shop will be open normal hours of Noon-7pm and retail will close from 3pm-4pm for staff lunch but the event will continue at this time.

Entry: $30

Prizes: 1st LP Revised Scrubland (or equivalent market value in store credit)

2nd-4th $25 store credit

Prizes are based on an entry of 10 players.

Any additional players beyond 10 will increase prize support.

Maximum Participation: 24 Players with priority given to Store regulars.

Specific rules:

  1. The rounds will be 80 minutes long.

  2. The number of rounds will be determined based on number of participants.

  3. Slow play rules will be enforced.

  4. Playing a combo line that you are not familiar with, resulting in excessive turn lengths without clear win condition will be considered slow play.

  5. No spite plays ( Taking game action that is guaranteed to result in the loss of the game for yourself, solely for the purpose of preventing a player from winning is not permitted*)

*note if you have a reasonable mechanism that is possible to prevent the loss even if unlikely it does not count as a spite play. (EG if you play a pact of negation knowing that you will not have the mana to pay on your turn it is not allowed. However, if you have a stifle in deck with a reasonable belief that you will have an opportunity to draw prior to the upkeep it is allowed as it is conceivable that you have a chance regardless of how small that you may be able to continue the game.)


Win = 3 Point

Draw = 1 Point

Losses = 0 Points

Proxy Policy – High quality proxies with recognized arts will be permitted. DFMC written proxies will be permitted but must be clearly legible. DFMC cards must have full card information with proper wording(oracle text) on the card. Printed paper proxies will only be permitted if the paper slips are kept outside of the deck and placed over the sleeve of the DFMC on the battlefield after it has been played. Without an art print paper slip to place over DFMC proxies, you may have no more than 20 DFMC proxies in a deck as it can increase board state confusions.


T3 Cedh - Scrubland