Flesh and Blood 1K

Oct 28, 2023
11 Primrose Street, Palmer Lake, CO, USA

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Event Information

Event Name: Journey's End Gamers Fellowship FaB Classic Constructed Tournament Date: October 28th, 2023 Format: Classic Constructed (Minimum of 60 cards with a maximum of 3 copies of any card) Entry Fee: $30 Location: 11 Primrose Street, Palmer Lake CO 80906 Rules

Deck Construction: All decks must follow the Classic Constructed format, consisting of a minimum of 60 cards. Players are limited to a maximum of 3 copies of any card in their deck.
Registration: It is crucial to sign up early, as spots are limited. Register on the Journey's End Gamers Fellowship website.
Conduct: All players are expected to maintain good sportsmanship and fair play throughout the event. Failure to adhere to this rule can lead to disqualification.


🏆 Prize Breakdown:

🥇 1st Place: $400
🥈 2nd Place: $250
🥉 3rd Place: $150
4th Place: $100
5th & 6th Place: $50 each
7th & 8th Place: $25 each

For players not making it to the top 8, ranks 9-16 will receive exclusive FaB booster packs based on their rankings. Additionally, all participants are entitled to a participation booster pack! 🎁 Anything else (health, etc.)

Food Discount: All event participants will enjoy a 10% discount on food orders from our partnered restaurant's themed menu. (No Outside Food or Drink)
Community: Prepare for a day filled with thrilling battles, incredible prizes, and the warmest FaB community vibes.
Website: For more details and registration, visit Journey's End Gamers Fellowship.

Use the hashtags #FaBTournament, #ClassicConstructed, #1kTournament, and #GamingCafe when sharing the event on social media!


Flesh and Blood 1K