Alchemist's Cove CEDH 11/4

Nov 4, 2023
25 West Main Street, Schuylkill Haven, PA, USA

Event Details

Game/Format: Magic: The Gathering CEDH tournament Deck lists ARE required. Unlimited Proxies are allowed for this event. Please see below for proxy rules. Event Structure: There will be 4 rounds and a cut to top 4. (Additional rounds will be added based on attendance.) Rounds will be 90 minutes long. Pairings will be randomized for the start of the tournament and then pairings will be determined by record. Proxies, alters and overall Card Rules: Cards cannot be visible through the back of the sleeves. Any cards that can be considered marked cards are not tournament legal. All cards MUST be indistinguishable from one another. (This includes foil cards with curling). Proxies: Deck card: Proxies in the deck shall consist of a Helper card as shown here: https://www.cardkingdom.com/.../kamigaw.../dfc-helper-card-9 The helper card will have clear writing of only the name of the card, mana cost, and card type. No other details should be on the helper card itself. If you are unsure what a card does that’s played and it’s a proxy please call a judge over to provide the card information to you. Deck Lists: Deck lists must be saved through www.moxfield.com and submitted through the link provided here. Submission of the deck list as well as registration for the event needs to be done through the Eminence Gaming Sign up using the link below. https://topdeck.gg/event/f0ZYa2wUDq6DeAC428yJ

Do not bring out your cellphone or other devices to distinguish what a card does as this will be considered outside help and could result in disciplinary actions such as game loss or DQ. Entry fee: $40 Prize Support: 1st $400 2nd-4th $200

  • All prizing in store credit or 75% in cash. ** Prizing may be adjusted based on attendance Doors open at 9:00 AM Event Starts at 10:00 AM Promptly


Alchemist's Cove CEDH 11/4