From The Vault: cEDH 8 All Hallow's Eve

3807 South Packard Avenue, Saint Francis, WI, USA
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​ The Mana Vault is proud to announce it's 8th cEDH tournament in our monthly From The Vault tournament series! For the month of October we are hosting a tournament with a special Halloween Theme! An All Hallow's Eve will be the grand prize! Additional prizing will be paid out to the Top 16 and Top 4 players, as well as various treasures given out throughout the event for anyone who comes in costume! This event will be capped at 64 total players and YOU MUST pre-register to be eligible to play.

We have seen amazing turnout for these events, with most tournaments hitting cap shortly after scheduling, so make sure you register ASAP! This tournament will be held on Saturday October 14th and will start at 1:00 PM! Doors open at noon, if you are running late PLEASE GIVE US A CALL (414)763-91111 OR SHOOT US A MESSAGE THROUGH DISCORD OR FACEBOOK MESSENGER. Links for contact and more can be found here: linktr.ee/themanavault

If all available tickets are sold then you may contact us by email at [email protected] to be put on a waiting list in case someone can no longer attend! Open seats will be filled from the waiting list in the order that they were recieved!

IF YOU NEED TO DROP AFTER YOU HAVE ALREADY PRE-REGISTERED, PLEASE LET US KNOW ASAP SO WE CAN OPEN UP YOUR SPOT TO OUR WAITING LIST! In the event of a player needing to cancel their registration, the refund window for registration payments closes on October 12th at 11:59PM! Refunds will not be issued for any cancellations after that time, so make sure you plan accordingly!

This tournament will be live-streamed on Twitch, courtesy of SadNaus_MTG

ENTRY COST IS $25, and includes an entry into our monthly giveaways!



​ This tournament has a 64 Player Cap.

There will be 5 rounds of swiss.

Each round will be be 80 minutes in length.

After time in round is called active player will finish their turn and the game will end in a draw.

Wins are worth 5 points Draws are worth 1 point.

After swiss there will be a cut to top 16 based on points awarded during the swiss then a single elimination round will take place to determine top 4. (Top 16 cut always dependent on attendance).

This tournament will utilize the MSIPG created by Monarch and will be held to Comp REL standards.

This tournament will utilize Command Tower for the pairing software and determining turn order.

Byes that are awarded due to awkward pairings will be considered a win and worth 5 points.


​ 1st Place - All Hallow's Eve or Store Credit Equivalent

Top 4 - $75 In Store Credit

Top 16 - $25 In Store Credit

Various other prizes will be given out to random players throughout the event, among these may be T-Shirts, playmats, singles, and other shop goodies.

From The Vault: cEDH 8 All Hallow's Eve

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