Crypts and Salsa VI

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I would like to start off as always with a HUGE thank you to everyone who has participated in the past 5 events! Our community has grown to a point where we have set a date for the next big cEDH event which will be a "$1k Crypts and Salsa Regional" on January 14th ! Super excited to put out more information on that. Again, thank you to everyone participating, hope you enjoy it, and good luck with Crypts and Salsa VI !


Medium: In-Person

Date: Sunday, 26th November 2023

Time: Signup will be from 12:00pm - 1:00pm event start time will be 1:00pm

Location: Man O’ War Games

Entry Fee: $10

Prize Support: If there are 16 participants the prizes will be as follows: 1st $100, 2nd $20, 3rd $20, 4th $20

Restrictions: Proxies are legal, standard commander ban list in effect

Tournament Organizer: El Tac0


All participants, encompassing players and spectators alike, are required to uphold impeccable sportsmanship, demonstrate mutual respect towards one another, as well as toward the event staff. Players are expected to adhere to staff instructions diligently. (Crypts and Salsa will determine if these guidelines have been violated.) While engaged in active gameplay, participants are prohibited from utilizing text messaging, email, or social media platforms. The highest level of competition aligned with our core principles of sportsmanship, integrity, and fair play is anticipated from players. Any infringement upon these values may lead to disqualification from the event and potential forfeiture of rewards. Furthermore, the event organizers retain the prerogative to prohibit disqualified players from future tournaments or functions hosted by Crypts and Salsa.

Unacceptable behavior that violates our code of conduct encompasses the following:

Engaging in unsportsmanlike conduct with intent to disrupt or undermine the event's operations or to harass fellow participants.

Intentionally delaying or manipulating gameplay through any means.

Altering the game in unauthorized ways.

Engaging in any form of cheating. (This means you can’t switch decks throughout the event.)

Participating in illegal activity based on the participant's jurisdiction.

Collaborating or fixing matches to predetermine outcomes.

Exercising prejudiced or hateful conduct.

Committing violent or morally objectionable acts.

Demonstrating behavior deemed inappropriate by event organizers.

Violators of the code of conduct may face disqualification and future Crypts and Salsa events.

Crypts and Salsa VI

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