Monthly Dual Land cEDH Tournament - Bayou

Mar 9, 2024
29 Wyoming Valley Mall, Wilkes-Barre Township, PA, USA

Event Details

🔮 Monthly cEDH Magic Tournament - Bayou🔮

Prepare for an exhilarating clash of decks and strategies in our monthly Competitive cEDH Tournament!

Gather your most formidable Commander decks and face off against fellow enthusiasts for a chance to claim victory and some legendary prizes. These events are part of the 2024 Top Deck Championship Series The season will run from November 2023 to August 2024 (10 months).

📅 Date & Time:

  • Every second Saturday of the month
  • Round 1 starts at noon
  • Doors open at 11 am for early preparations

📍 Sword in the Stone LLC

🏢 29 Wyoming Valley Mall Wilkes-Barre Twp Pa

🏆 Grand Prize:

The coveted first-place prize awaits the triumphant Planeswalker - a Revised Edition Dual Land! This iconic card could become the crown jewel of your collection, so bring your A-game and strive for victory.

🏆 2nd-4th place Prize:

Fear not, 2nd through 4th place also walk away with $100 each in CASH

🏆 5th-16th place Prize:

We didn’t forget about the rest of the top 16. Players placing 5th through 16th will receive $60 in store credit to spend on any physical product they want in store.

🃏 Event Details:

  • Multiplayer Commander Rules
  • 48 participant cap
  • No 3 or 5 person pods allowed(Pods of 4 only, byes allowed)
  • 80 minute rounds
  • 5 rounds swiss no turns.(active player finishes their turn)
  • Cut to top top 16 then top 4 for the final table after round 5. (top cut and final tables are not timed)
  • Wins are 5 points, draws are 1 point, byes count as a win.
  • Proxy cards are allowed and are unlimited but there is a limit to 10 MDFC proxies. MDFC cards will require full text, mana cost, card type(s) and name. Proxy cards that are not MDFC need to be full color and utilize recognizable art.
  • Paper in front of cards are NOT an acceptable form of proxy

💡 Tournament Highlights:

  • Casual and competitive players welcome, make sure to bring your best decks
  • Engage in epic multiplayer battles
  • Top-notch sportsmanship encouraged
  • Discover new strategies and deck archetypes

🎟️ Entry Fee:

  • $40 for non-blue Dual Lands
  • $50 for blue Dual Lands

📝 Registration:

Secure your spot by registering in advance or at the venue on the day of the event. Limited slots available, so don't miss out!

Whether you're a seasoned cEDH veteran or just stepping into the competitive Commander scene, this monthly tournament promises an unforgettable experience. Join us for a day filled with thrilling matches, strategic plays, and the chance to walk away with a Revised Edition Dual Land as the ultimate prize. May the best Commander prevail!


Doors open at 11am

11:30am player meeting

12pm Round 1 Start

Round 2

Round 3

Round 4

Round 5

7pm estimated start time of top cut


Monthly Dual Land cEDH Tournament - Bayou

Entry Fee – $40