Arcane Series III & American Cancer Society Charity Event

Mar 23, 2024

Event Details

Event Information

  • Saturday, March 23, 2023 at 11am ET
  • Entry $30
  • Format: Webcam cEDH
  • Discord: https://discord.gg/Jkn5FpTASv
  • 4-5 Swiss Rounds- 80 Minutes each round, no additional turns, active player will complete their turn when the round ends.
  • During the event we will be raising money for American Cancer Society as well. You can learn about the American Cancer Society here.


  • This tournament is a webcam cEDH tournament. No digital decks will be allowed during the event.
  • All cards must be WoTC art printed in color. No handwritten or black and white prints out will be allowed during the event.
  • Decks must be submited to the player's Command Tower profile for the event prior to the start of Round 1.
  • Players should have their Discord name/handle on their Command Tower profile prior to the start of Round 1.
  • Play areas must be approved prior to the start of the tournament by submitting a picture of your play area from Spelltable to our #play_area_approval channel.
  • Tournament procedures are Wizards Competitive Rules Enforcement Level with Eminence Multiplayer MTG/IPG Addendum

Prize Support

  • Prize support will scale with the number of players that sign up for the event.

  • At 80 players, the prize support is:

    • 1st Place: $475 USD + 250 TopDeck Championship Series Points
    • 2nd - 4th Place: $175 USD each + 120 TopDeck Championship Series Points
    • 5th - 8th Place: $60 USD each + 70 TopDeck Championship Series Points
    • 9th - 16th Place: $35 USD each + TopDeck Championship Series Points
    • 17th - 32nd Place: 20 TopDeck Championship Series Points
    • 33rd - 64th Place: 5 TopDeck Champsionship Series Points.
      • If there are less than 60 players, the event will not count toward the TopDeck Championship Series and no points will be awarded.
  • The Tournament Champion will receive a Tournament Champion Discord role and an interview for our YouTube channel if you'd like.

  • The top 8 players will receive a Top 8 Discord role.

  • Payout will be through PayPal in USD, after the event has concluded.

Event Coverage

The event will be streamed on Twitch https://www.twitch.tv/combatstep

Refund Policy

If an individual that pre-registered for the Arcane Series Tournament is unable to attend the event, they will need to join our Discord and send a DM to jacethewalker at least 48 hours before the start of the event to eligible for a refund.


11:00am ET - Players Meeting

11:30am ET - Round 1

Round 2

Round 3

Round 4 - If 32 or more players sign up.

Round 5 - If more than 60 players sign up.

Semi Finals - Top 16 - If 5 rounds.

Finals - Top 4


Arcane Series III & American Cancer Society Charity Event

Entry Fee – $30