End of the Year Soirée

Dec 30, 2023
Paragon City Games, South 1300 East, Sandy, UT, USA

Event Details

Event Information

Celebrate the end of the year with one final event! This event is part of the TopDeck Championship Series. Cost is $30! This event will be bougie, so come dressed accordingly! Think suit and tie. If you do, you'll get 10% off! Alternatively, you can get 10% off by joining our Discord! (The discounts do not stack.) Starts at 10:00 AM MDT. Please arrive 30 minutes early to minimize undue delay!


This event will be following the standard TopDeck Championship Series ruleset:

5 Swiss Rounds

  • 80 minute length
  • No turns
  • After time is called, active player will finish their turn. If no winner has been determined, the round will be considered a draw.
  • Cut to top 16 at the conclusion of the Swiss.

Semifinals and Finals

  • No time limit. Play until winner is determined.
  • Finals will begin soon after winners have been determined from semifinals.

Proxy Policy

  • 100% Proxy Friendly!
  • Proxy cards must use official printed artwork of MTG artwork corresponding to the card in question. Colored prints are highly recommended.
  • Proxy cards must use official printed text or oracle text
  • Thickness must be consistent so as not to have marked cards. This is especially important if part of the deck is proxy.
  • Feel free to reach out via email or in our discord for any questions regarding proxy policy


We have a 1K prize support set aside for you! The following are the prizes:

Grand Prize

Finalist Prize

Semifinalist Prize

Additional Information

For more events like this be sure to join our Discord! We will be doing giveaways when we reach follower thresholds! Check out our website here!


End of the Year Soirée