Gamer's Library cEDH March 2nd 2024

449 State Street, Madison, WI, USA
[email protected]

Event Details

Hey cEDH Players!

Gamer's Library's next cEDH tournament will be at 12 P.M. noon on March 2nd, 2024! Sleeve up your best Ad Nauseam piles, show up and show 'em who's boss. For $40 you can compete in this no-proxy, decklist-required event to earn an MP Unlimited Savannah! There'll be 4-5 rounds of swiss, each 80 minutes. After the swiss rounds, there will be a top cut, where each player that makes it that far gets at least their entry fee back in prizes. We'll be paying out 90% to our top competitors, and if more than 16 show up, the winner will earn the Unlimited Savannah! We're capping at 48 players, so sign up at https://rb.gy/fl27yw to reserve your seat.


Gamer's Library cEDH March 2nd 2024