The Canadian Nexus 2

Mar 23, 2024
270 Bagot Street, Kingston, ON, Canada

Event Details

Event Information

  • Date: Saturday, March 23th, 2024
  • Time: Doors Open: 1030am Start Time: 1000am
  • Location: Nexus, 270 Bagot St. Kingston, ON K7L 3G5
  • Players: 64 Player cap
  • Format: Competitive EDH (rounds will be determined based on attendance. 4 rounds of swiss, cut to top 4 will be default. Will go to 4 rounds cut to top 16 if there are 40 or more attending and 5 rounds cut to top 16 if there are 64 players). 90 min rounds NO turns.
  • Cost: $50 per player

To enter follow the link:https://kingstonnexus.ca/events/winter-cedh-tournament/


Full Proxied decks are allowed. Proxies must have the following information on them: - Must be in colour and orginal art - Must have the orginal text of card. (i.e. name, card type, mana cost, ex.) - if using a backing card, it must be a basic land card.

Deck List

Deck list must be submitted, by Moxfield link, before the first round starts through the EDH Event Hub page. Deck list can not be altered once the event has started.


100% of the entree fee will be going towards the prize (minus the judge's fee)

Fore any questions about the rules or just general inquires please contact Ryan at rumohr@hotmail.ca


The Canadian Nexus 2