$25 Budget Commander Tournament @ The Green Dragon Inn

115 E Market St, Akron, OH 44308, USA
[email protected]

Event Details

Deck Construction

Decks must be commander legal and cost $25 or below according to TCGplayer calculated prices using either Moxfield or Archidekt. Commanders are included in the total cost of the deck. Basic lands are not included.

Decklists must be submitted using Moxfield or Archidekt. Lists will be submitted using a URL from either site upon entry via the Command Tower app.

Entry Fee and Prizing

The entry fee is $10.00. This includes a complimentary Wilds of Eldraine booster pack, entry into the monthly MTG raffle, and entry into the tournament. Five dollars of each entry goes towards top player payout in Full Grip Games store credit.


0-16 players - 2 rounds - Top 1
17-32 players - 3 rounds - Top 4
33-64 players - 4 rounds - Top 4

The format will be no-repeat swiss style. Seating will be determined randomly.


Win - 3 points
Draw - 1 point
Loss - 0 points
Bye - 3 points

(Tie points are given to all players in the match, both alive and dead. Byes will be avoided whenever possible)


Tiebreaks will be determined by the following in order

Win Percent (wins/games played)(byes are not considered in this equation)
Opponent Match Win Percentage


Rounds are 90 minutes When the match goes to time, set the number of turns equal to the number of surviving players. Standard turns policy applies (if a player takes multiple turns, they can take up all remaining turns in the game) Players are expected to keep game time to the best of their ability. While judges may enter a room to notify players of a round ending, players are expected to adhere to the time limit and respectfully notify their opponents when approaching the time limit for the game. If a player is found to be abusing the time limit of games to their advantage, they may be penalized. If the match time limit is reached before a winner is determined, the player whose turn it is will finish their turn; an additional amount of turns equal to the number of players currently in the match will be taken. Usually, this means each player will take one additional turn. Players taking extra turns may affect this. If no winner is reached after turns the game is considered a draw

$25 Budget Commander Tournament @ The Green Dragon Inn

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