Salt City: Rock Salt

Mythos Games, West 10600 South, South Jordan, UT, USA
[email protected]

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Why get sweets this October you can you be salty? Join us for some salty goodness, where all the mana rocks are exquisite! Join us at Mythos Games in South Jordan, UT, on October 14th 9:30 AM MDT. Please arrive around 30 early (9:00 AM MDT) to minimize undue delay!

$35 buy in. You asked and we listened! Everyone get a little gift for participating! Top 16 make (close to) double their money back!


5 Swiss Rounds

  • 75 minute length
  • No turns
    • After time is called, active player will finish their turn. If no winner has been determined, the round will be considered a draw.
  • Cut to top 16 at the conclusion of the 5th round

Semifinals and Finals

  • No time limit. Play until winner is determined.
  • Finals will begin soon after winners have been determined from semifinals.

Proxy Policy

  • 100% Proxy Friendly!
  • Proxy cards must use official printed artwork of MTG artwork corresponding to the card in question. Colored prints are highly recommended.
  • Proxy cards must use official printed text or oracle text
  • Thickness must be consistent so as not to have marked cards. This is especially important if part of the deck is proxy.
  • Feel free to reach out for any questions regarding proxy policy


The prizing will feature some of the most played mana rocks in cEDH! (Actual version shown)

1st Place           2-4th Place         5-15th Place       16th Place  


The Wheel of Fortune Raffle will be back! $5 if you're feeling lucking to take it for a spin in an attempt to get a raffle, or $10 to buy a raffle outright. Prizes this time include:

Other Information

There will be a short lunch break after the second Swiss round. It's recommended to bring your own snacks and drinks! Alternatively, check out the snack and drink selection at Mythos Games!

The prize pool just got better! Get ready for double the mox, double the rocks!

In collaboration with MTGSummit and the cEDH Mox Diamond Event happening that weekend on October 26-29th, the top 16 get a $25 voucher (for free entry into event) AND a bye in the event! Top 4 have the opportunity to get mox diamonds at MTGSummit!

Check out the link for details!
Now after all these rock salts, maybe the diamond is the sweetest of them all??? 🤔

Salt City: Rock Salt

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